Officials outraged by rewarding doctors.

society had higher education. Education helps us to be on the labor market, it helps to find a job, but unfortunately still 70 percent. of us not end this way, what you need – explains Staniewicz. Protesters in front of the Sejm teachers raised many legitimate demands, but so what, if expressed expectation that education will be “finally” the government. No! This is not the coherence of the system and does not constitute a wise minister of education quality, but the multiplicity of small initiatives. With hundreds of tributaries formed a great river, and not vice versa. After 1989.

Survived several fundamental reform of the whole system of teaching, including the teaching of teachers, we experienced many good ministers. These experiences podsumowałbym one way: right before we had years ago, when the teacher demanded autonomy, autonomy of schools, socialization “state” of education. John Sparrow Source: Dziennik Gazeta Prawna If Socrates wanted to appear today in the staffroom, the director found out that there is no pedagogical powers, and that I worked so much. Polish education is in the hands of evaluators and controllers. For their efforts applied to the national tradition of disbelief that anything they do can be done well. Must come – I’m sorry I will refer to a certain archetype – the lady with the superintendent, who knows better.

Standardization had their achievements. The level of more than one school, and many a teacher has improved due to external requirements. However, each project must be able to complete in good time, and we missed the moment. We want good schools and modern, but still we standardize it, because we confuse modernity with the proper management of human resources. The quality of a modern school combined with a willingness to take risks, independence and willingness to bear the consequences for mistakes. I am very attached to my school model, but the thought scares me that all schools in Poland have been forced to organize the first classes bicycle rallies!

I like to repeat that in a decent family restaurant kitchen gives specific courses (and not everywhere chops). In the hospital, conversely, the procedures are standardized. It is better, when the school is a family restaurant than a hospital. It is a pity that the protesters want the unions to ensure a better hospital. Health-related activities will be coordinated within the framework of the National Health Program (NHP) 2016-2020, which by regulation to be adopted by the government. They will be incorporated in programs implemented to date (including, among others, oncology, cardiology, screening, prevention and solving problems associated with alcohol, drugs and nicotine).

New task will be to prevent obesity. The main objectives of NHP lengthening and improving the lives of Poles and alignment of health inequalities. However, the health minister failed to provide appropriate funding. The finance minister did not agree to the establishment of a separate special purpose fund, which had to be paid for disease prevention and health promotion. Much smaller than originally planned, it will also be the amount you put up every year for this purpose the state budget. This will be only 140 million zł per year, and according to expert estimates need at least 0.5 million zł. See also: Psychiatry in a state of collapse, but the rule changes will not be the case »NHF will get 320 million zł per year on benefits for the uninsured» Financial plan NFZ 4.5 billion more treatment next year »The task of public health measures would also filed an the National Health Fund – will allocate for this purpose 1.5 percent. of its budget to health benefits.

NHF will continue to lead programs for early detection of cancer, and also include prevention of tobacco-related diseases. National Health Fund will finance the government health policy programs. The level of payments will vary depending on the size of the municipality. Those that are up to 5 thousand. residents will be able to apply for up to 80 percent. funds provided for the program. While the remaining will be financed in the amount of 40 percent. the value of their project. The Council of Ministers also resolved a dispute over plenipotentiary. Public health, rolled within the government itself.

His appointment was threatened because opposed ago the Government Legislation Center. Finally, in the text adopted by the government regulation contains a provision according to which the task of public health will be coordinated by the Minister of Health, however, the Council of Ministers will be able to establish for this purpose a representative government. Stage of the legislative project adopted by the Government The Ministry of Health does not preclude the introduction of amendments to the Regulation of the Minister Health of 26 August 2015. On groups of foodstuffs for sale to children and young people in the units of the education system and the requirements to be met by foodstuffs used in the framework of public nutrition of children and young people in those units (OJ item. 1256). – You have to find a balance between health and a matter of taste. We do not want to throw out the baby with the bath water – admits in an interview with the DGP-Małecka Beata Libera, government plenipotentiary.

Act on public health and also the Deputy Minister of Health. Gallery: Cabinet for textbooks and hot water: 7 things that parents can demand from school students and their parents complain that the new school year meals served by the canteen are distasteful. In some institutions, students began coming up to the cafeteria with its own salt. However, teachers prohibit its use. – The school should not prohibit such ownership. Shakers – explains Dr. Magdalena Zwolińska, an attorney with the law firm DLA Piper LLP Wiater In her opinion, it may be effective until the statutory introduction of such a ban. Justin explains the attitude of educators Sadlak the press office of the Ministry. – not recommended for salting after preparing a meal due to the presence of sodium in natural, unprocessed products – explains. – While there are such provisions, it is nothing I can do about it.

I would very much for this to relaxed right, because at least the teachers could benefit from canteens. According to me the changes too drastically – says Katarzyna Siecińska, director of School No. 23 in Warsaw. From the observation of teachers that students procure the junk food and bring with them the salt. – We’re not going to do their revision – calms Siecińska. Healthy eating in numbers Source: Dziennik Gazeta Prawna Parents do not want to pay for food that is distasteful. – I do not like the fact that I pay for dinner, the kid does not eat. Or eats only potatoes and pasta, because the chicken is tasteless. I am at home I cook with herbs, salt and sugar – if necessary.

And I expect that school lunches will be at least as to want to eat an adult. The expectation that children will eat what the adults would not touch with a stick, is, in my opinion, unfair – says mother of student from Primary School No. 110 in Warsaw. – And to be clear: absolutely glad that there are no junk food in the shops. Sweetened drinks, candy bars at the school did not fit in my head. But the food has to be good. Otherwise pay for homework assignments we teach our children that healthy equals tasteless – he said.

Schools such accusations spread his hands helplessly. – When it comes to salt, we can use a trace amount. In addition, we use sea salt, which is no longer suitable for such taste like. Iodized. At the next parent-I’m going to explain to parents that it is not our fault that the child does not like dinner, but new regulations – says Grazyna Hare, director of the Primary School No. 110 in Warsaw.

Similarly, also in kindergartens. – If we manage to somehow convince children to eat the second course, it’s all in the soup does not taste good. I do not deny that dietary changes are necessary, but not to the extent that the babies go hungry all day, and najadają only at home – Kozińska says Anna, a teacher from Kindergarten No. 269 in Warszawie.zobacz also struggle with obesity. New rules slimming Poles, especially children »Advertising crisps prohibited in school, but before entering it is no longer” Kluzik-Rostkowska: The most important changes concern the food and textbooks »The most important changes in the new school year» What is the Ministry of Health? – Personally, I think you can not go crazy and give you some lightly salted dishes. Cauliflower without a bit of salt is disgusting – says Beata honestly Małecka-Libera.

He explains that in the preparation of food it is recommended to use a sodium-potassium salt. – is also allowed the use of herbs and spices, fresh or dried, but without the addition of salt – he explains. Lawyers suggest that if there was the will, changes in the law can be made without undue delay. – I do not see the problem that the regulation included a provision permitting the use of salt to a greater extent than now – says Marek Jarentowski, chief legislator of the Senate Chancellery. It adds that it is legal authority and the same law does not suggest the need to control or even eliminate the consumption of salt. Queues to specialists, treatment refusal, whether the contract is everyday health. The reason is always the same: lack of money. It turns out that the budget of the National Health Fund are reserves. So it seems that the fund for bonuses for their officials.

Only Warsaw headquarters, which employs 393 people, for this purpose last year allocated 4.2 million zł. On average, officials accounted for more than 10 thousand. zł gratification. Thirteen bonus for many years, salaries will not grow, because the fund for this purpose is frozen. Its height is determined by the National Health Fund in the financial plan approved by the ministers of health and finance. For system administration, including salaries for employees, the fund can not allocate more than 1 percent. medical expenses. This year, for the payment of approx.

5 thousand. headquarters staff and branches of the National Health Fund will allocate 311.75 million zł. The average salary is approx. 5 thousand. zł gross. Specific conditions of employment in the National Health Fund Source: Dziennik Gazeta Prawna – Employees are not paid a salary of 13 or 14. – says Anna Leder, a spokeswoman for the Lodz branch of the National Health Fund. The Fund, however, found a way to reward, without increasing payroll budget.

According to the provisions of the collective capital on average once every three months, employees can receive a bonus and the payment of extra money is possible when there will be savings. – They result from employee absenteeism caused by eg. Free annual leave, long-term sick leave or maternity leave – calculates Anna Leder. These benefits ZUS, and the funds allocated for the salaries of using them create a bonus fund. Supply it also means saved from vacant positions that require specialized knowledge, for example. Lekarzy.zobacz also applied to the NRL TK on a package of oncology »NFZ patients difficult trips to sanatoriums. Ombudsman sent a request to the Constitutional Tribunal »Arlukowicz package oncology: Shorter queues for diagnostic tests and the introduction of konsyliów» Package oncological correction, because it brings losses »- Most vacancies are in the control of the fund, because it is the highest bonus fund. Last year, at the occasion of the departure of the President were Vice Presidents of the two vacancies.

It also brought savings – emphasizes Jerzy Gryglewicz, an expert from Lazarski University in Warsaw. With absenteeism funds for bonuses were in 2014. Also in the branches. He paid them Warmia and Mazury branch of the National Health Fund. Zł 954 million was divided among 166 people.

The lowest bonus amounted to 700 zł, the highest – 5859 zł. Additional payments are also in the Lodz branch, where 313 employees divided between 1.27 million zł. More than 1.84 million zł allocated for bonuses and Wielkopolska branch of the National Health Fund. It received 345 officials of all the 396 people who are employed in the branch and delegations. – Due to the absence of some remaining employees had to perform not only their jobs, but also absent colleagues or friends – explains Magdalena The Brain-Wenc the press office of the Wielkopolska branch of the National Health Fund. Experts such motivation needed to motivate not outrageous. – In theory, after the change of the financial plan you would spend the money on health benefits. However, each of CEOs want to have such an additional financial instrument that allows to stop work best – emphasizes Jerzy Gryglewicz.

He explains that people employed in the National Health Fund are readily employed by private hospitals or pharmaceutical companies that can offer them more attractive earnings. Working in the National Health Fund is also associated with a heavy load such duties. When creating a package oncology Ministry of Health changed the concept several times, and each time it was connected with the necessity of preparing the new analysis. – Employees of the fund should be remunerated adequately to their responsibilities, because managing a budget of over 67 billion zł and responsibility for the health of 40 million Poles. Where are so big public money must be employed professionals – adds Robert Mołdach, expert. Health Employers of Poland.

Officials outraged by rewarding doctors. – When there is no money for the sick, allocate funds for the payment must arouse opposition. Doctors, and officials do not produce good of health, and in my hospital specialist for nominal operating time receives only 3.2 thousand. zł – says Maciej Hamankiewicz, President of the Supreme Medical Council. In 1998. I graduated from 4-year degree humanities. Until the entry into force of the reform of the pension I was able to work through nine months. When I submitted a request for payment of the initial capital, it turned out that my internship counted only three months.

Is now this will change? Gallery: Subscription and crossings: See, what the discount can expect pensioners period of learning at university well before May 1 of this year was taken into account in determining the amount of initial capital. This was done, however, somewhat different principles than today. These periods were treated as all non-contributory periods. They could not exceed 1/3 of the capital included the contribution periods completed until the end of December 1998. And because of this, even though you studied for 4 years, the initial capital could include only three months (1/3 of 9 months) . Under current rules apply the principle that the period of study is taken into account for a maximum of 1/3 of the contributory periods per day for the submission of the pension, and therefore also after 1998.

If so before the entry into force of the reform of the pension you had a little contribution periods , you can take advantage of the new rules, but only in the future – at the time of retirement.

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